Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wonderful Wednesdays

A little departure today from our normal Wonderful Wednesdays post... This week my teammate 1treeyoga issued a challenge for members of the Etsian Artists team to sign up for a "Pay-It-Forward" treasury game.  Each person who signed up made a treasury with the only requirement being that the treasury MUST feature the others who signed up. 

Hmmm... Actually, this is NOT as easy as it sounds! 
These are the treasuries made as of right now:

And 2 others that craftcult did not recognize the shop name...

Red Ribbon by TheSketchyLife

 Go Green by BeckyHelmerDesigns

 Hope you enjoy the diversity!

xoxo Mad


  1. Since we were allowed to change our shop names Craftcult hasn't moved with the times. Some of us are still under our old shop names. It's impossible to find some people now. Thank you for finding most of us :)

  2. Thank you for featuring these, wonderful idea for wonderful wednesday! Pun intended! lol

  3. I LOVED the PIF treasury "challenge". It was so much fun and I think we should do it often!


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