100+ Ways To Promote Your Etsy Shop

I revised the list that is posted in our Team Forum and made all the links clickable.  I also eliminated all of the bad links/sites no longer up and running and added more places to promote your Etsy Shop bringing the list to a total of 123 places!  I will continue to add to this list here as I come across new places to promote your shop or blog. 
  1. Squidoo - create a "lens" focusing on your work
  2. Myspace- create a profile, connect, write a blog, share pictures
  3. BuyHandmade.org - sign the pledge
  4. Flickr - add photos of your work
  5. weloveetsy.com - social networking site for Etsians
  6. weloveetsy.com/shops - shop directory
  7. Indie Public - indie social networking
  8. Talentdatabase - profile your talents and skills
  9. Blogger.com - create your own blog
  10. Designers Notion - submit your shop to get featured
  11. dmoz.org - web directory
  12. universitychic.com - submit your shop
  13. boingboing.net/suggest.html - submit your shop or blog to get featured
  14.  kijiji.com - Free Local Classifieds
  15. www.freecraftfair.com/link_exchange.html - exchange links to get in directory
  16. StumbleUpon.com - bookmark a page - though self promotion can be frowned upon
  17.  Trunkt - juried portfolio site to connect with wholesalers
  18.  Indiequarter.com - submit your site to get featured
  19.  If you have a blog, try Blog Catalog to share your blog with other blogger
  20.  Cuteable.com - share cute items to be featured
  21. Craigslist - online classifieds
  22. Craftster - connect with other crafters and share ideas
  23.  Facebook Business Pages - gain fans, create events, share announcements, post photos
  24. Google Adwords - advertise your shop on Google - costs money
  25. Wickedly Chic - get featured or advertise
  26. Indie Shopping - submit your link for the indie shopping guide
  27. DIY Scene - network with other crafters
  28. All Things Handmade - Etsy Mini Blog
  29.  Advertise on other popular blogs such as IndieFixx.com
  30.  Indie Spotting - submit a find to get featured
  31.  Twitter - Microblog and network with others
  32. My Handmade Registry - social network to share your handmade wishlist.
  33. Project Wonderful - low-cost, sometimes free, advertising on targeted blogs
  34. Google Base - upload your Etsy shop listings to Google as related shopping links
  35. The Little Black Box - submit samples for monthly giftboxes and get your ad featured
  36.  Indie Collective - submit to their shopping directory
  37. 2 Handmade Directory - handmade shopping directory
  38. Byhand.ca - artisan directory, wishlists, and more!
  39. Indie Gift Guide - Create listings for the gift guides
  40. Craft Critique - Add their button to your blog and get your blog added to the list just email them (info@craftcritique.com)
  41. Indie Smiles - advertise
  42.  MyCraft.com - share and market your crafts
  43. SoopSee.com - combine your blogs, your shops, your photos, and your contact info
  44.   Follow @Etsy -Tweet and add #myetsy to your favorite pick and it may just appear in their Twitter Gift Guide.
  45. OwntheHour.com - pay for a spot on the site - get your item featured
  46. Indie Craft Wall - pay for a spot on the craft wall - choose your own pixel spots
  47.  Foundhandmade.com - purchase blocks of your size choice to advertise your items
  48. CafeHandmade - show-off your creations
  49. Craft Cult - advertise on the side bars
  50. Craftopolis - advertise on the side bars
  51. Etsy's Promo Forum - promote your items in relavent threads; promote your sales
  52. Etsian Artists Team - Etsy Team where artists can work together and learn together to maximize what Etsy can do for them and their shops!
  53. VFlyer.com - print fliers, create online ads
  54. DeviantArt - share your artwork
  55. Webshots.com - share your photos
  56. Wordpress Blogs - blog about your craft
  57.  Typepad Blogs - blog about your work
  58. Tumblr Blogs - Blog about your shop/craft/art
  59. SchroederSisters.com - many different advertising opportunities
  60. The Crafter Classifieds - Get on the list as a crafter
  61. Snorple.com - a year of free advertising in a shop search engine
  62. Indie Icing - submit your shop to get featured
  63. Top 100 Etsy Shops - submit your shop and have your link and banner featured
  64.  Top 100 Crafts Sites Report - Pay to advertise
  65. Crafty Classifieds - Craft Classified ads and message boards
  66.  The Craft Link Exchange - A free craft link resource for arts and craft webmasters - reciprocal craft link exchange
  67. Craft Site Link Exchange - Dedicated to improving link popularity and search engine rankings Add your site
  68. 100 Craft Links - Add your site
  69. 100 Craft Links 2 - Add your site
  70.  Girl Indie - Have your website or product reviewed
  71. Craft Stylish - A crafting community to share your ideas and experiences
  72. Shopping Can be Fun! - A blog to promote your items
  73. Etsy Secrets - blog dedicated exclusively to coupons valid at Etsy shops!
  74.  LinkedIn - strengthens and extends your existing network of trusted contacts.
  75. This Next - recommend products
  76. Crafters Buzz - free advertising
  77. Ryze - business networking
  78. Bust Magazine Online - advertise
  79. Live Journal Etsy Community
  80. Add your URL to Google
  81. Etsy on Myspace - Friend and Comment
  82. Postaroo - Free Classifieds
  83. vintage village - A Gathering of Vintage Sellers and Enthusiasts
  84. Vintage Fashion Guild
  85. The Vintage List - get listed in the directory
  86.  Try Handmade - apply to get your work featured or advertise
  87.  Mom Made That! - If you're a mom, get your shop featured starting at $3/month
  88. Weebly - create your own free website
  89. Etsy Giveaways - promote your giveaway!
  90. ESellerAds - Advertise your Etsy products anywhere on the web
  91. craft juice - submit a craft item
  92. Vote Handmade - submit a link and vote
  93. The Handmade Directory - Add a site; advertise
  94. Mixx Made - Directory; marketplace; forum; community
  95. Blue Canvas - classifieds; community; forum; gallery
  96. 43 Things: Promote My Website - add your site to the list
  97. Get Crafty - forum; community; blogs
  98. Bing.com - submit your site to search engine
  99. You Craft - free craft listings and classifieds.
  100. Target Crafts - directory; link exchange; banner/ad campaigns
  101. Arts Collab - submit finds; advertise
  102. Artzee - Add your site; forum
  103. Cracker - Australian classifieds; free ads and forum.
  104. Craft Site Directory - Add your site
  105. Crafty Links - Add your site
  106.  Daisy Craft - List items for free
  107. Designs to Love - Online craft gallery; forum; community
  108.  Electronic Cottage - list your site and exhibit.
  109.  Froogle on Google - submit your site to Google's shopping resources
  110. Link Referral - submit your blog or website
  111. Crafty Tips - submit your site; suggest a link
  112. Creativity Portal - suggest a site
  113. CanArtisan - Submit Canadian art links 
  114. Wix - Build a Free Flash Website
  115. Just Host - Buy a domain name and host your domain for $3.45 a month!
  116. Craft Shop Mall - Submit your link
  117. Craft Gossip - Get featured
  118. Bear Craft Online - Submit your link
  119. Handmade Crafts - Arts & Crafts UK Directory
  120. Crafty Link Directory - Add your link
  121. LS Blogs - Submit your blog
  122. Mamma.com - the mother of all search engines
  123. Art Wanted and Art Cards Wanted - upload your art and even sell it for free 
  124. Pinterest.com upload yours and other peoples Etsy items to be added to style boards.  (thank you Dotti for the tip)
  125. www.globalstreethandmade.com by the Etsy Handmade Team