Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday

Do you love bright colors as much as the Etsian Artists do?
Genuine Leather Bracelet for Men or Women

GIRAFFE ART. 8x10 Print.  Whimsical Giraffe with Mustache. Print from the painting: Grover Comb-over

Crochet Flowers set of 3

Shark Art Print - LISAFRANK MEETS JAWS - Rainbow Aquatic Art - watercolor inspired 8 x10" Print

Mini Hula Hoops Poi-Style Arm Hoops -  Rainbow Brite


Painted Scrabble tiles Two for 38: Painted Letter Game Tiles

Vintage Upcycled Painted Frame Set of 7 Home Decor in Lime Grape Pink Lavender

Yellow Wool Felt iPhone Case - Free Shipping (U.S.)

Art Doll Soft Sculpture Lowbrow Spooky Ugly Cute Bizarre Monster Zombie Blue Black Fun Fur Heart Spiderweb Button Lace Handmade Oddling Bax

ACEO Shimmering Spring Garden


  1. Everything is so colorful, bright and fun! I'm so happy to have my iPhone case included :)

  2. Awesome post! Super colours! Thanks for including my leather bracelets!

  3. Hooray for happy rainbow colors! Thanks for including my Rainbow Brite Mini hoops!


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