Sunday, November 6, 2011

Time to Vote

Thank you for the great turn out this last weeks Treasury Challenge!  I am so glad to see so many participants and I will take that as the changes made must have been for the better.

Our 4 finalists for the theme "DREAM" are...

  1. Dream & Wishes by cherrytime
  2. I Dream of Fire by  metalfreak
  3. Daydream by Cat Thomas
  4. The Stuff Dreams are Made Of by Elizabeth Matlack
Please use the polls to the right of the blog to vote for one of these 4 finalists to win the prize package!

This Tuesday we will hold the Treasury Challenge the same as we held this last one and the theme will be "GEEKERY" be sure to take a look at the Challenge blog post so that you know who your featured shop to be included is and post your treasuries created for the challenge in link up. HAVE FUN! 

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