Saturday, September 24, 2011

Freaky & Fun Friday - How To Make A Spider and Web Part 2

Part 2
How To Make A Spiders Web

This weeks tutorial is a little different to what you are use to getting from me but only because I feel like I have entered into the twilight zone this week!  So after a nightmare of a week, a failed glow in the dark silly string spider web effort yesterday and a 20 hour power outage, I have now searched the net to find the best spider web "how to's" that I could find.  Unfortunately I am trapped at my home in the country with no vehicle and lacking the supplies to put any of these together to do my own tutorial.  I certainly didn't want your spiders from last week to be homeless so I figured I could share with you this way.  Here are 3 of my favorite hand crafted spider webs that you can easily make at your house this Halloween.  

This one is by far my favorite but not sure if I will have the time to put this together this year.

This next one is made from old panty hose which is probably the one I will be making for my spiders to live in this year! Click HERE for full instruction on how to make this one.
Reusable Spider Webbing

This one looks fairly simple and all you need is some white string or rope, but you will need an appropriate area to act as your frame and that I don't have.  Click HERE for full instructions to make this one.
Halloween spiderweb

When I do get the supplies I need to craft my web I will certainly take lots of photos to share here with everyone and possibly a quick "How To" depending on the method I use to do it.  I would love to see or hear about your ideas or finished webs that you construct this year, feel free to post them in the comments on this post for everyone, I love photos!!!!

Have FUN!!!


  1. I actually like the pantyhose the best. It looks like an old spiderweb. Very spooky! :-)


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