Friday, September 30, 2011

Freaky & Fun Friday - Halloween How To's

As I am currently running an extremely tight schedule, part of the problem being my October 8th deadline for 3 large paintings I am committed to doing for a local Art Galleries "Far Out Show."  I only found out about this less then a week ago or else I certainly would have got to work sooner on them.  Not to mention I have 3 custom orders that I am working on as well.  So I did not find the time to put together a Halloween tutorial for this week and I am cheating again like I did last week.  I am sorry to do it 2 weeks in a row and hopefully this will be the last time but I am not promising anything either. lol

I still took the time to round up some pretty cool Halloween How To's around the net that are sure to be fun for kids of all ages!  I hope you enjoy these and if you do put some together share some photos with us, I would certainly love to see them!

Balloon Spider Decoration
Click HERE to find out how it's done!

Newspaper Leaves
Click HERE to find out how it's done!

Scary Portraits
Picture 63
Click HERE to find out how it's done!

Celestial Pumpkins
Click HERE to find out how it's done!

This final How To is a video and I think it is a FANTASTIC idea!  I am definitely making these for my yard this Halloween!

I hope you found some fun ideas to keep you busy this coming week getting ready for Halloween!  My Halloween decorations have come to a stand still the last couple of weeks until I finish up with the stuff that is actually going to be making me money.  It just means that I will be one busy bee right before Halloween to get ready, its my absolute favorite holiday and I never miss an opportunity to turn my house and yard into my personal work of art!
Have fun!!!


  1. Cool ideas! Thanks for finding them for us!! I especially like the celestial pumpkins. :-)


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