Friday, September 2, 2011

Freaky & Fun Friday - How To Make A Bat Mobile

Starting today there are 9 Fridays until Halloween and you may have already noticed that the title of today's post has changed from Fabulous to Freaky.  The reason for this is because for today and the next 8 Fridays I have decided to do a series of Freaky and Fun Tutorials for Halloween.  The projects that I have chosen are fun, easy and perfect for Halloween lovers of all ages.  So if you have little ones at home you will be able to get them involved in the fun too!  By the time Halloween rolls around we should all be ready for a ghoulish great time!!! 

If you are already picturing "the" Bat Mobile then get it out of your head because you won't be driving this bat mobile anywhere! lol
What you will need: 
- 1 Bat Template
- Black and/or Brown Cardstock
- Invisible Thread or Fishing Line
- 2 Sticks (from a tree or your yard)
- Scissors
- Pencil
- String or Twine

Bat Template

You can draw all your bats free hand but it is easiest to start with a template and then just trace them all on to the card stock.  You can click on the bat template above and then print it out and use that or you can certainly sketch your own, that is your choice.

Once you have traced or drawn all your bats on the card stock you can then cut them all out.  I used 8 bats for my mobile, 4 black and 4 dark brown.

Now that you have cut all your bats out you need to punch eye holes into them directly under the ears.  These eye holes are where you are going to tie them to the invisible thread.  Once your mobile is complete you won't even be able to see the invisible thread.

Once they all have eye holes you need to fold all the bats in half as in the picture above.  

Now use your invisible thread and tie different length pieces to the bats by looping the thread through the eye holes.   It is important to make sure that they are all completely different lengths.

Using a piece of string or I used a piece of black hemp to tie the 2 sticks that I found in my yard together in the middle.

Once your sticks are tied together securely and don't move, you are ready to tie all your bats to the sticks.  Using 8 bats means you can tie 2 bats to each of the 4 sides.  That is it, you should now have a spooky bat mobile that you can hang from a tree outside on Halloween or somewhere in your house or maybe you are planning a haunted house for Halloween.  Where ever you hang them, they are sure to spook all that come near! muawahahahahaha

I couldn't get a good picture of my finished mobile with the whole thing in one shot unfortunately but you should be able to get a good idea how it looks from the pics above.

Have Fun!!!!  Watch for the next Freaky and Fun project next Friday!

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  1. this is a great idea to do with kids--and i think i will!


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