Sunday, October 30, 2011

Time To Vote!

Well I guess one way of looking at this is that it makes my job easier to figure out who the finalists are! lol  On a serious note, I really hope that we have more participation in all future challenges! 

Please use the polls to the right to vote for your favorite of these 3 finalists...

  1. A Striking Statement by Becky Helmer
  2. Striking: The First Snow by Sarah
  3. Striking in Black and White by Kris
Normally I will announce the theme for the next Treasury Challenge, however since I intend on making some adjustments based on our team discussion in our forum, I am going to wait and post everything at the same time on Tuesday.  I really hope to see a better turn out this Tuesday.  Thank you very much to the 3 participants this week, you all made very STRIKINGLY beautiful Treasuries.  GOOD LUCK!

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