Sunday, October 9, 2011

Time to Vote!

It's that time again, time to vote on last weeks Treasury Challenge!  The theme last week was "HARVEST" and we have 3 Treasuries that made it to the finals this time.  Please use the polls to the right to vote for your favorite Treasury of the 3 listed below...

You are probably wondering why there is only 3 finalists this week when there is usually 4.  I have some unfortunate news regarding that.  When calculating the numbers I could only carry 3 over to the finals for having the right number of team members, the right number of new/undiscovered shops and the featured shops.  Unfortunately there were a few treasuries that were missing an item which means automatic disqualification and others didn't have the right number of new/undiscovered shops.  I figured I should mention this, and give a reminder that it is always good practice to check in on your challenge treasury through out the week to make sure all of your items are still in it and if not replacing the missing one.  We always do the voting on Sunday so even if you check in on it on Saturday night or early Sunday morning you should be safe.  

For those of you that want a head start to think about this weeks Challenge theme, it will be "HARMONY" Just remember that you can not make your Challenge Treasury before Tuesday and you will need to know who the featured shop is going to be so you can add one of their items, it will be posted to the blog post on Tuesday.  Most of all HAVE FUN!!!

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