Sunday, May 6, 2012

Time To Vote

I am actually thrilled to see 4 entries this week, that is great news!!!  Lets keep pushing for more this week as well!  Thank you to those that did enter, you are great team members!

Please use the polls to your right to vote for your fav out of this weeks finalists, the polls will close at 1:30pm est Monday May 7,  the finalists are...
Those of you that find yourself interested in participating in this weeks Challenge the theme will be "A Landscape Lost in Mist" remember that it can mean anything to you! Do not make your treasuries until Tuesday and since we tried something new last week with keeping the challenge open longer I think we will do it again this week.  The challenge will open on Tuesday and close on Thursday, just keep in mind that the longer you wait to build your treasury the shorter the time you have to increase views, clicks, comments and hearts which all play a role in determining the finalists so it is definitely better to build it as early on Tuesday as possible, but you will have until Thursday!  I hope we see lots of participants this week, we all have to build treasuries to be a part of this team so why not build one with a chance of winning a great prize!!!!!!

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