Sunday, July 17, 2011

Time To Vote

Thank you everyone who participated in last weeks Treasury Challenge!  We actually have 5 finalists this week as there was a tie for the 4th finalist, since I have never seen that happen before I made the decision to just have 5 this week and that is how we will do it if this ever happens again in the future.  Voting will run for a full 24 hours, use the polls on the right hand side of the blog and vote for your favorite treasury from the following 5 finalists...

  1. Welcome to the Geek Land   by cherrytime 
  2. Green Geek Chic  by kaerl
  3. Geeks Might Be Smart, But Can They Rock?   by CatHousePrints
  4. Sci fi Geek Chic  by ameliasmarket
  5. Embrace Your Geekness  by oddballartco


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